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We Have Adorable Puppies Ready For Thier New Home

Paul’s Breeding Home has been breeding high-quality puppies for more than ten years. We’ve gained recognition worldwide thanks to our satisfied adoptive families. Our puppies can be found across the United States and Canada. We take great care in breeding and raising healthy puppies of all sizes, known for their cute teddy bear faces. Many people have told us that our puppies are the cutest around! Our website’s pictures speak for themselves.

You’ll find irresistibly adorable faces with expressive eyes, soft fluffy coats, happy wagging tails, and loving dispositions ready to give lots of affection. The excellence of our puppies starts with our careful selection of top-quality dogs long before breeding begins.

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What Are You Looking For?

Our puppies are ideal for people with allergies because they don’t shed much. We’ve experienced this firsthand within our own family. You may already be aware that our puppies are famous for their beautiful coats. At Paul’s Breeding home, you’ll discover a range of stunning coat colors, from soft waves to tight teddy bear curls. We take pleasure in offering a diverse selection of coat colors, including pale English crème, rich reds, and browns. Our parti puppies with multiple colors are also quite popular!

So, what’s your preference? We have a variety of flavors like creamy vanilla, butterscotch, red velvet, chocolate, oreo, s’mores, and more!

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Our Goal And Mission

Our main objective as trusted puppy breeders is to offer healthy, joyful, and well-socialized family pets. At Paul’s Breeding Home, we collaborate with the experienced veterinarians from South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital, ensuring the utmost care for our breeding program. Our spacious property provides ample space for play, featuring a large waterfall, meandering river, and pond for the puppies to enjoy! With our dedicated team, including our own children, nieces, grandson, and extended family, the puppies receive abundant affection, playtime, and socialization. This prepares them to become happy and well-adjusted little pups as they transition to their new homes.


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Your puppy will excel in any training or challenge you place before him. He will stand out in any class. When you socialize him…every other puppy parent will want their puppy to play with yours because yours has already learned acceptable behavior. (You’d be surprised at how many haven’t!!) Inviting prospective ‘parents’ to a puppy play date is further proof that Paul's Breeding Home is exceptional.


Best of all is our dog’s temperament. He has an incredible personality and is simply irresistible. I think this has a lot to do with how Lisa interacts with the puppies at a very early age. The puppies get used to being around people, children, and the many sounds of a neighborhood and family. I think this was key in how our pup’s personally was molded. He is nothing short of a fluffy ball of joy that loves being around people and doing new things.


All of your dogs have amazing personalities and you have a great setup with the Kennels and how you start all your puppies out with potty training. It is very clear how much you care about all the puppies that you sell with the PAT testing, the micro chipping, with the vitamin supplement that you make for all of your dogs, and the care packages that you send home with every puppy.

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