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What Our Clients Say

Charlotte Johnson

Your puppy will excel in any training or challenge you place before him. He will stand out in any class. When you socialize him…every other puppy parent will want their puppy to play with yours because yours has already learned acceptable behavior. (You’d be surprised at how many haven’t!!) Inviting prospective ‘parents’ to a puppy play date is further proof that Sunshine Doodles is exceptional. One quickly realizes that there is no bad choice of a puppy! You feel blessed to be on the list to take home one of a beautiful litter of babies

Helen Lawrence

All of your dogs have amazing personalities and you have a great setup with the Kennels and how you start all your puppies out with potty training. It is very clear how much you care about all the puppies that you sell with the PAT testing, the micro chipping, with the vitamin supplement that you make for all of your dogs, and the care packages that you send home with every puppy.

Paul's Breeding Home

Jordan Mcandrew

Best of all is our dog’s temperament. He has an incredible personality and is simply irresistible. I think this has a lot to do with how Lisa interacts with the puppies at a very early age. The puppies get used to being around people, children, and the many sounds of a neighborhood and family. I think this was key in how our pup’s personally was molded. He is nothing short of a fluffy ball of joy that loves being around people and doing new things.

Paul's Breeding Home

Audrey Pratt

I could not have asked for a happier, more fun-spirited puppy from Pauls Breeding Home. It was evident upon Skylie's arrival that she was well-accustomed to love, cuddles, being touched and affection. That was one of my greatest priorities when looking for a breeder. As soon as Skylie got off the plane at Newark Airport in November 2022, she wanted to snuggle into my neck. This little girl is loved by everyone and is such an important part of our family! Her happy soul brings endless smiles to others and I know that it’s because of the excellent beginning she had at Paul's Breeding Home

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Joseph Rotruck

Just dropping you a line to thank you again for our Peach. She is two today and the sweetest, most playful girl. She loves endless snuggles as much as she loves her extensive collection of tennis balls. She is so cute I frequently get stopped when we are walking to ask what kind of dog she is. Hope you and your family are well! Kindest regards,

Paul's Breeding Home

Hanna Lena

We are absolutely in LOVE. We named Joy, (well, Santa did 🙂 and she comes to work with me every day. We hope that she eventually becomes a certified therapy dog. 🙂 She is absolutely gorgeous (as you can see) and the kids adore her. Her demeanor is so pleasant and she is super easy to train. My husband walks her and the kids to school (1.3 miles each way!) every day; we comment almost every day how lucky we are to have her…I never knew what a dog could do to you! ~ Cheri

Adorable Litter Puppies

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